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Ecuador is a megadiverse country, its people, culture, traditions, places and gastronomy make this South American country a jewel to know. Ecuador has a high cultural and natural diversity. For this reason National Geographic magazine listed it as one of the 10 most diverse countries. No doubt it is a country worth knowing and enjoying all its wonders. So here is a list of 10 reasons to visit Ecuador: A dream destination.

1. The 4 worlds country

Ecuador is the place where you can find 4 different worlds in one country. Geographically it is divided into 4 regions: 

The Highlands: The region of the andes mountain range that encloses great mountains, majestic volcanoes, snow-capped peaks and paramos.

The Amazon: The most biodiverse place in the country. Its Amazon jungle encloses spectacular landscapes, animals and vegetation. 

The Coast: The place full of beautiful beaches. 

Insular Region: Known as the Galapagos Islands, a magical place and a unique natural paradise. 

Cuenca city in Ecuador
Cuenca, Ecuador

2. The great biodiversity

Ecuador is considered one of the 17 most megadiverse countries in the world. As a country located in the neotropics, the presence of the Andes Mountains and the influences of ocean currents allow for great animal life and ecosystemic diversity. 

According to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), Ecuador has three of the world’s top 10 biodiversity hotspots. These include the rainforests of the northwest, the outer slopes of the Cordillera and the Amazonian forests of the northeast.

It is estimated that the country has more plant species per unit area than any other country in South America. In addition, Ecuador’s amazon rainforest cover is very significant, amounting to 13 million hectares. 

Yasuní National Park is one of the most biodiverse places in the country and the world. It has an impressive animal highly biodiverse and also protects part of the territory of the Waorani nationality.

Yasuni National Park
Yasuni National Park

3. UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Ecuador not only has a great natural diversity, it also has a great cultural heritage. It has 8 places declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. 

  • City of Quito: The capital of Ecuador has the largest, best preserved and least altered historic center in Latin America. It was declared a World Heritage in 1978. 
  • Cuenca – Historic Center: Cuenca or known as “Athens of Ecuador” has one of the most beautiful historic centers of America. Within its streets it contains heritage buildings, works of art and cultural manifestations that represent the identity of its people. For this reason it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. 
  • Galapagos National Park: The islands are one of the most exceptional places in the world. For its great scenic beauty, its endemic flora and fauna, and its ecosystems. UNESCO declared them a World Heritage Site in 1976. 
  • Sangay National Park: This protected area is a place of extraordinary natural beauty. It has two active volcanoes and the entire vertical range of ecosystems. 
  • Oral and cultural manifestations of the Zápara people: Located in the province of Pastaza. These people keep alive their oral culture that expresses ancestral natural knowledge.Qhapaq Ñan- Inca Trail: It is a road that runs the length and breadth of the Andes Mountains. It was the road traveled by the Incas for approximately 100 years. 
San Francisco church - Quito, Ecuador
San Francisco churchQuito Historic Center

4. The enchanted islands

The Galapagos Islands are an amazing sanctuary of natural life. Here you will have the opportunity to see up close the beautiful animals that inhabit the islands. You can swim with the friendly sea lions, photograph the tender blue footed boobies, get up close to the famous giant tortoises and dazzle yourself with the large number of birds. 

These islands of volcanic origin are one of the best options for an  extraordinary vacation. Either by land tour or by cruise ship you will enjoy this experience.

Galapagos Islands

5. The Gastronomy

Ecuador has a very varied gastronomy offer. Its 4 regions: Sierra, Coast, Amazon and Galapagos have their own exquisite dishes. You can taste a great variety of them. Locro de papas, Cuy asado, Llapingacho, churrasco, ceviches, encebollado, bolones de verde are some of the dishes that you can taste. 

So no matter where you are in the country, you will always be able to taste an exquisite dish. And of course you will fall in love with this beautiful country. In another words this is one of the main reasons to visit Ecuador!

6. The local people

Ecuador has a multi-ethnic population and is home to diverse cultures. Each one of them with their own customs, music, beliefs and ways of life, reflect the national identity. 

The people of Ecuador are characterized for their kindness, warmth and charisma that make any traveler feel at home.

One of the best ways to learn about the local culture is to attend festivals. Some of the most popular festivals in Ecuador include. La Diablada de Píllaro, La Mama Negra, Semana Santa, El Pase del Niño, Inty Raymi, and Las Fiestas del Yamor.

These festivals are all highly colorful and exuberant, and offer a great way to get a taste of Ecuadorian culture.

Local ecuadorian people

7. Global currency

Another of the reasons to visit Ecuador is the currency. In Ecuador use US dollar. This is an advantage so that many international travelers become familiar with the local currency. Also they do not have any inconveniences or currency exchange transactions. 

8. Avenue of Volcanoes

Ecuador has a natural jewel, the so-called “Avenue of Volcanoes” which extends approximately 350 km. It was the German scientist, Alexander Von Humbolt, who after his arrival in Ecuador in the 19th century, noted the almost perfect alignment of volcanoes, mountains and magnificent snow-capped peaks. 

Here, we named some of the majestic volcanoes that are part of the Andes Mountains. Chimborazo (6,268 m) the highest volcano in the country, the great Cotopaxi (5,897 m), the highest active volcano in the world. You can also climb the Cayambe (5,790 m), Antisana (5,704 m), and others. 

So if you are an altitude lover, climbing one of these volcanoes is sure to be the best adventure of your life! 

Cayambe Volcano
A reason to visit Ecuador – Cayambe Volcano

9. The middle of the world country

Another iconic place of Quito, La ciudad Mitad del Mundo (Half of the World city). This place takes its name from the Equatorial Line, an imaginary line that divides the planet into northern and southern hemispheres.

Here you can enjoy unique experiences from the center of the planet. Its attractions are La Mitad del Mundo monument, the traditional houses, the cocoa square and the local handicraft stores.

Mitad del Mundo – Quito, Ecuador

10. The best Cacao’s place

Ecuador, due to its privileged tropical climate, has one of the best fine aroma cacao. The flavor and aroma of Ecuador’s national cacao, known as “La pepa de oro”, is unique.

For this reason, Ecuador is the fourth largest exporter of cacao beans in the world. Also leads the production of the fine aroma cacao variety with a 63% share worldwide. Its main foreign markets are the European Union and the United States.

Now you have enough reasons to visit Ecuador. Join the adventure and discover all the natural and cultural beauties that every corner of the country has to offer.

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