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If you need some relax, “alone time” and live a new experience. Traveling solo is your best option to experience something out of the ordinary and feel the adrenaline of doing something for the first time. 

Solo trip has many advantages, it allows you to explore new places at your own pace and above all to enjoy and reconnect with yourself. 

So don’t be afraid to travel solo, get ready for action! Here are 10 of the most useful tips for traveling solo. 

1. Plan your trip and be aware

If you are traveling solo, you should be much more careful than when traveling with family or friends. You should review the itinerary of your trip, research about the places you are going to visit and especially the places where you are going to stay. It is important to look for lodgings that have several positive reviews and comments to avoid possible frauds or inconveniences. It is of great relevance to know general aspects of your destination such as: public transportation, currency, language, customs. 

Also, always keep in mind these tips for solo: 

  • Don’t trust just anyone and avoid going anywhere with a stranger. 
  • Avoid accepting drinks from strangers, always have your own drink in sight. 
  • Learn the address of your hotel by heart, write it down in a notebook or send a message to a friend or a family member. 
  • Never tell a stranger that you are traveling alone. 
  • Always inform the hotel reception where you are going when you leave. 
Tree House in Baños de Agua Santa
Tree House – Baños, Ecuador

2. Protect your valuables

When you arrive at your hotel, the first thing you should do is to take out your passport, important documents, money, valuables and keep them in the safe box of your hotel. When you go out to travel and explore places you should take only what you need, telephone, ID, copy of your passport, a credit card and some cash. These items should be carried in a handbag and never lose sight of them. 

A recommendation about your passport and important documents is to always have at least two copies. One of the copies you can take with you wherever you go and leave the other copies at the hotel.

3. Plan your trip in advance and always leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member or close friend

If you are traveling solo, it is important that you always plan your trips in advance. Once your trip is ready, leave a copy of your itinerary and details of the places where you will be staying with family and close friends. Also, try to always stay connected, if possible have internet (phone data) in case of emergency. 

A good recommendation, if you are traveling solo, is to take a few minutes to register your trip (before you leave) with the State Department so that the local embassy or consulate can contact you in the case of an unexpected eventuality.

Kicker Rock-Galapagos Islands
Kicker Rock – Galapagos Islands

4. Find out more about individual bookings. 

It is important to know that some cruise lines and hotels may require that two people share a room. So if you want a private room, you must pay an individual supplement. 

It is advisable to take this in mind, ask your travel consultant or directly with the supplier about the rates before booking. 

5. Pack light

Less is more when you travel solo. It is advisable not to pack too much, especially if you are traveling to several destinations. You should pack what is necessary, even because on a trip you will always want to buy some souvenirs, clothes, gifts and you need space to store them. For this reason it is also important to research the weather of the destination according to the season in which you are going to travel. This way you avoid taking clothes that you are not going to use. 

Another reason for not carrying too much luggage is to avoid losing your belongings. If you carry a lot of things it is difficult to keep account of everything. 

You will also avoid the burden and weight of moving with so many things when you move from one destination to another. 

Quilotoa crater lake
Quilotoa crater lake

6. Keep your cell phone charged

Nowadays, cell phones are very useful, you can do a lot of things. For a traveler carrying a cell phone is indispensable. By using your cell phone you can surf the web to research your destination, places of interest (restaurants, drugstores, boutiques). Even without wifi and data, you can use maps, translation apps and make emergency calls.

So it is important to keep your cell phone always charged. Don’t forget to carry a charger in your  handbag. It is even better to carry portable batteries, thanks to technology, today you can find these models that are incredibly light. 

7. Carrying a compass 

This tip is very important when you travel and much more if it is an adventure or expedition trip. When you travel to remote places, wild and nature areas it is usual not to have a good signal, many times it is even null. And if you don’t have a charged cell phone or you don’t have applications on your phone, a compass will save your life. 

A great compass and a map can help hikers avoid getting lost. So before you go on your trip you should research the use of compasses. Although it is not difficult, it is important to know how to use them correctly. It is important to keep in mind that in order to navigate successfully, you will need to use the compass along with a map. 

Cayambe Volcano

8. Make an Emergency contacts list 

This step is one of the most important and indispensable. When traveling solo, make a list of all your emergency contacts at home. This list should include names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Make sure the people you have on your list know that you are their emergency contact, so they will keep this in mind. 

In addition to this, the list can include your own personal contact information with your current medical conditions, including medications and allergies. 

9. Start Your Day Early

When you take a trip, you have to enjoy it as much as possible. Waking up early is an excellent option to see as many attractions as you can. If you travel alone you will have the opportunity to move at your own pace and go to the places you want. In addition, getting up early also makes it easier to avoid crowds at the most popular attractions. 

Sea lion in Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

10. Meet other travelers 

One of the advantages of traveling alone is being able to meet new people, meet other travelers, meet locals, make new friends. So, you should not be afraid to strike up conversations with others when you want to be social. Of course, if you are in another country, it is a bit difficult to start a conversation. However, it will be a very good experience to get to know the travel stories of others. 

 A good tip for when you want to socialize is to go to events, festivals, concerts, and local activities in the city. If you don’t know how to start the conversation, you can ask about their best travel stories, the best hiking trails, if it’s a local you can ask about the highlights of the destination. All this will enrich your travel experience.

Amazon Ecuador
Amazon Rainforest – local traditions

Now that you know these useful tips for traveling alone, dare to live this new experience. Here you can find out about all our tours, we are waiting for you!  

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