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Wellington Galarza

I was born in a big family between valleys and mountains with animals, rivers, jungles and good food in a pure Andean, although I don’t remember when I realice about how rich is Ecuador, I know now how in love with this country I am and that’s why to share is one of my personal mission to the world..

Jeannin Garzón

From Quito, Ecuador
Since I was 13 years old I began to be curious about languages, culture and travel. Despite being a woman It never stopped the fact of knowing places by myself. Today, I can say that it is an honor to have been born in the country of the 4 worlds and be an ambassador of my country doing what I like the most.

Diego Muñoz
Adventure Guide

Diego Munoz. National tour guide and passionate about Ecuadorian tourism. I was born in Quito in 1992. One of my missions in life is to provide experiences more than simple trips to travelers in Ecuador. Experiences they will remember forever. I’m specialized on different languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Dagmar Vacas
Adventure Guide

My name is Dagmar I’m native from Santa Cruz Island, since I was a child i really love the nature and the adventure, being a guide of this amazing paradise in which each day is a new experience, is the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m passionate to show it to the people from different part of the word with the idea that they can share their experience about this enchanted islands with their relatives and friends

Fabricio Prado
Adventure Guide

Native from Galápagos, born and raised in San Cristóbal, sorrounded by the wonders of the Galápagos Islands. Since 2008, I am dedicating full time to explore and lead groups with different interests related to nature-oriented trips.

Marcelo Escobar
Adventure Guide

I was born in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador. Since a very young age I was able to travel around the country and get to know the climate, food, people, nature, Thanks to all those trips, I learned to love every place in my country.

Gabriel Salas
Adventure Guide

I was born and raise in Santa Cruz, on the Galápagos Islands. Growing up in this paradise made me realize that my kind of work have to be outdoors, enjoying all the nature and the unique animals that we have around. I’m proud to say now that I work as a naturalist guide in my home and I’m in charge to show our guests all the beauty and interesting things that we have on the islands and explain to them the importance of the conservation of nature in the world.

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