3-4-5 Days
Group Size
Amazon Ecolodge
ecuador – upper amazon
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The lodge has 22 rooms built in bungalows. It also has 2 towers, which will allow you to be very close to nature and birds. In this place you can perform various activities, pink dolphin watching, bird watching flocks of birds in the skies, canoe tours, alligator watching, fishing, jungle trails, night hikes and camping trips. Ecotourism generates benefits for the Siona community. 



  • Tapir lodge is located in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Production Reserve. 
  • It was built in association with family members of the Siona Community.
  • They work under social responsibility policies. 
  • It offers various activities in the rainforest. 



  • Private transportation Lago Agrio – Tapir Lodge – Lago Agrio.
  •  All meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner); pure water, coffee, tea.
  •  Bilingual naturalist guides for all activities.
  •  Lodging in double room with mosquito nets.
  •  Hiking equipment (raincoat, rubber boots, life jackets).
  •  Excursions


Not included

  •  Transportation Quito – Lago Agrio – Quito (bus or plane)
  •  5.00 community / $ 5.00 Shaman.
  •  Meals before and after the tour.
  •  All other expenses not specified in the tour.
  •  Tips & Extras.







22 cabins 





4-5-7 Days 



What is the food like?

The rustic, airy restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere for dinner with its windows open, allowing the cicadas evening song to circle. An a la carte dinner is served in the restaurant, bringing fine dining to the jungle. Using fresh and sustainable products, our chef prepares meals to delight the tastes of a world traveler while satisfying the appetite of an adventurer!



Suites & Cabins 




Double / Triple 

The bungalows are located in three 35-foot high towers. Each room has its own private bathroom with hot water, as well as beds with mosquito nets, which ensure good ventilation.



  •  Electrical outlets
  • Hot water


  • Rubber boots

  • Raincoats 

  • Life jackets.


Pre-Post Trip Accommodation

Pre- post trip accommodation in Quito (Twin/ Double) – USD 100 Per Night
Pre- post trip accommodation in Quito (Single) – USD 100 per Night


Private airport transfer – USD 38 per person

Right Know, There isn’t reviews.

How much should I tip?

Tips are not included in the trip cost. These are entirely at your discretion but there is an expectation to tip for good service. Your guide will help with advice; however, we suggest the below as a guideline per person:

Guides: USD 10- USD 15 per day

Of course, you are free to tip more or less, and the amount should be reflective of your perception of service and quality – a tip is not compulsory and should only be given when you receive excellent service.

What Do I Do about drinking water?

The tap water in the Amazon is not always friendly on the stomach for those who haven’t been in Latin America for a while. There is purified water in each of the accommodation which you can use to fill up each morning, so be sure to pack a reusable water bottle or two.

What’s the weather like?

Year-round temperature average is 82°F (28°C), however nights can be cooler. Since Ecuador is located right on the equator, the country does not experience extreme weather changes aside from a slightly rainier and wetter season. During a visit to the amazon region, in 4 or 5-day visit, you will often see more or less the same amount of rain and sunshine.

The Rainier Season in the Amazon Runs from December to June, with temperatures ranging from 23°C (73°F) to 30°C (86°F) and frequent rains throughout April and May. The Rainy Season has its pros due to the fact that many plants have evolved to fruit and flower during the rainy season – a phenomenon which often attracts birds and primates to the water’s edge and grants visitors the chance to observe them more frequently.

The Drier Season in the Amazon Lasts from July to November, with temperatures from 26°C (78°F) to 40°C (104°F), with less rain, though showers are still possible. The Dry Season also offers its own set of benefits, for its during this time that the water gets lower and attracts animals that you won’t often see during the rainy season. Beach nesting birds are everywhere, as there are more beaches present during this time.

Fish also tend to lay their eggs during this period of lower water levels, and as a result you’ll often see them swimming around fervently in the shallows of the rivers. Consequently, birds go on a feeding frenzy with the abundance of fish and you’ll often see all kinds of birds flying or muddling about these riverbanks.

It’s important to note that the Amazon Crocodile (known as Cayman) is much more prevalent during the dry season, and will usually be found nesting while feeding off the abundance of fish.

What vaccinations do I need?

For the Amazon, Yellow Fever and Covid vaccinations are required

What Travel Insurance do you recommend?

World Nomads Insurance with a coverage of USD 200 000

What is the currency?

US American Dollars

What is the minimum age for this trip?

8 years old as a minimum age.

price per person:

USD 650.00

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