Map of Galapagos: A Guide to the Islands

Map of Galapagos.

Location Inspiring Ecuador presents a Map of the Galapagos to help you to Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean,  situated about 600 miles (965 kilometers) off the coast of Ecuador in South America. Less than a 4 hours flight from mainland Ecuador. The Main Islands in the Map of Galapagos […]


No doubt, For have the perfect honeymoon, destinations such as Costa Rica, Morocco, Greece have crossed your mind. But have you ever thought of Ecuador or Galapagos as a honeymoon destination? The perfect destination, where in the same place you will find 4 worlds to know and fall in love with! ECUADOR AS A HONEYMOON […]

Discovering Galapagos: flora and fauna

Galapagos is a harsh, remote land, where its species did not survive by diversifying, but rather by evolving specific traits to suit a certain niche in the environment. Thus, Galapagos Islands’ value does not consist of the diversity you can find there, it is all about its uniqueness.  These remarkable islands are famous mainly because […]

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