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On Santiago Island, is located a famous place called the Sombrero Chino “Chinese Hat”. It is well named due to the shape of the islet in front of Santiago that resembles an old-fashioned Chinese hat. Owing to this recognizable shape, visitors are enchanted. Its beach, volcanic landscape, and crystal clear waters combine to perfection, making your visit unforgettable. 

Like most of Galapagos, the Chinese Hat has volcanic origins. It was formed by the eruption of the volcano near Santiago Island. Thus, resulting in the formation of a rocky and lava mountain. Over the years the mountain was eroded into the shape it has today.

To have the opportunity to visit the Chinese hat is such a great experience, there are several activities that you can do. On the beach you can spend a pleasant moment, enjoying the beautiful scenery, as well as bright red Sally Lightfoot crabs and marine iguanas. 

Stroll along a trail and see a large number of sea lions endemic to the islands. Spot lava cacti growing in the crevices, as well as lava lizards wandering around. An absolute must-see on the trail is the view of a cliff, where the waves crash against the shore.

Chinese Hat

Chinese Hat snorkeling

Sombrero Chino is best recognized for its excellent snorkeling conditions. The waters are calm but deep enough to attract spectacular marine life such as white tip reef sharks, sea lions, colorful fish and more. If you are lucky you can also snorkel with the unique Galapagos penguins

It is important to know that Sombrero Chino is a place that does not receive large crowds of people. Thanks to the fact that it is a place well protected by the Galapagos National Park. So, a recommendation for those who venture to know this wonderful hidden place is to wear appropriate footwear, as the ground is rough. 

Be prepared to get to know this jewel of the Galapagos Islands. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the natural beauty and animal life in all its splendor.

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