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Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve: Deep into the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest

The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the country’s most treasured ecosystems and it’s characterized by its large areas of tropical forest where its trees can reach more than 50 meters in height and its rivers. The Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve contains everything in one corner of the Amazon: where water replaces the firm ground, wide rivers suddenly become narrow channels, large and medium lagoons appear where the only way to move is by canoe. You will have the chance to appreciate wildlife at its best, from large reptiles to a variety of monkey species and of course to be able to immerse yourself in an incredible adventure.

What makes Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve remarkable?

Before being considered a national park, the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) wanted to do the same as they do in Africa: to be able to hunt wild animals by selling hunting permits. Thus, Cuyabeno was qualified as a faunal production reserve and this was created to benefit the indigenous communities that live in the area. But this area of ​​the Amazon is quite the opposite: eco-tourism and the preservation of biodiversity are encouraged.

But we must take into account that as well as its richness in wildlife there are also several indigenous communities. One of them are The Sionas who lives in the reserve and they are installed along the river where about 400 people live. The impressive thing is to be able to observe how their traditions have not yet been affected by the modern world. Their culture has to do with personal grooming, body painting, hairstyle, and the earrings and necklaces that they make, all with the resources provided by nature.

Anyway, the location of the Cuyabeno’s bead in the ramifications of the Andes makes the climate in the area a little milder and differs from other eastern areas of the Amazon. For this reason, the area has a biodiversity that is one of a kind.

Location and how to get there

The climate of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Ecuador has a humid and tropical climate. Therefore, there are two seasons: dry and wet.

As for the Cuyabeno reserve, as it is located right on the equator it rains practically all year round.

Therefore, on your trip to the jungle you will have to pack clothing that dries quickly, comfortable shoes to walk in muddy terrain, a raincoat, a waterproof backpack and binoculars so you don’t miss any animal in the weeds or rivers.

Ecoturism in the Reserve

Given the isolation of The Cuyabeno National Park, tourists would need facilities to enjoy the tranquility and beauty. the variety of eco lodges in the Reserve contain several options for travelers. The Cuyabeno Lodge is the pioneer in the tourist operation and was one of the first eco-lodge being built.There is also Jamu Lodge which is located 15 minutes from the wonderful Laguna Grande where you can enjoy a good swim. The lodge practices a policy of minimal environmental impact since it is located in the middle of the jungle. But it is not to worry because they have solar panels and connectors in the social areas where you can recharge your camera.

Anyway, now that you know a little about the Ecuadorian Amazon and its Cuyabeno National Reserve, it’s time to look for the type of adventure that calls to you.

Don’t wait any longer and go for it!

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