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Discovering Galapagos: flora and fauna

Galapagos is a harsh, remote land, where its species did not survive by diversifying, but rather by evolving specific traits to suit a certain niche in the environment. Thus, Galapagos Islands’ value does not consist of the diversity you can find there, it is all about its uniqueness. 

These remarkable islands are famous mainly because of the endemic conditions of the fauna and flora.


On one hand, among the fauna, you can find that 82% of mammals, 80% of land birds, 26% of seabirds, and 95% of reptiles are endemic to these islands. These are species that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet.

Between these species, you can find the Galapagos giant tortoise, land and marine iguana, petrels, cormorants, Galapagos sparrowhawk, and the Galapagos penguin.


On the other hand, the Galapagos are known for being natural laboratories,  because of their privileged geographical locations, the islands are made of beautiful and unique landscapes.

Due to fascinating natural conditions, the Galapagos Islands are the habitat of exclusive species of flora.

There are 560 species of 180 endemic plants in the Galapagos. However, 700 species were introduced because of colonization.

Among the endemic species, you can find Tiquilla, Spiky Fern, Opuntia Cactus, Candelabros Cactus, and Lava Cactus.

In conclusion, Galapagos is a unique and pristine place on Earth, as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Because it was isolated for such a long time, Galapagos wildlife never developed fear towards humans. In contrast, to the Amazon, where it’s nearly impossible to see large animals, in Galapagos, you need to watch your step, or you may inadvertently tread on native wildlife!

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