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Women Project – “Sacha Warmikuna”

This pandemic has hit us all in different ways, to some worse than others, but it is exactly now that we need to stand tall, reach out and support one another. Some values that were once long forgotten are coming back; new times, new realizations, new goals and a new way of living is what awaits us all.

When organized communities face a problem or need, that is, to transform their reality, it is essential to trace a path; make decisions about how to resolve that situation and how to make better use of resources to do so. That is when we know, it requires raising a project.

For this reason, Inspiring Ecuador undertook the search for new alliances in our country, with the purpose of teaching, growing, changing, daring and giving back to the local communities. These alliances are not commercial, nor for profit, they are ties created with a common goal: exposing a different reality, the Ecuadorian reality. We have had the delight of meeting enterprising people, and above all, lovers of what they do. So please join us and we will tell you about one of our projects powered by local women from the Pijal Community.


Pijal is considered the largest community in the Otavalo canton. It is located in the province of Imbabura, Otavalo canton, Gonzales Suarez parish, approximately 75 kms. north of the city of Quito. A diverse community, inhabited by the Cayampi Quichua people, who speak Spanish, Quichua and half a language, known for their hard working people, for their cultural traditions and ancestral knowledge.

The project arises Covid-19 increased the social and economic problems of people, especially indigenous women in rural areas who have been historical victims of exclusion both because they are women and because they are indigenous. Indigenous women have had difficulty accessing higher education and are mostly left behind in domestic activities, livestock care and child rearing, which do not provide stable economic income that guarantees decent personal development.

In the midst of all the current problems, the Sacha Warmikuna project arises, who have seen the pandemic as an opportunity to identify the problems that exist in the community and propose solutions. Therefore, the main motivation of the project is to give women the opportunity to have access to economic income that achieves financial freedom; achieve change the mentality of women, that they see themselves as leaders and that they can be people who generate employment and opportunities, if what this project wants is to achieve the empowerment of women.

Six women are at the forefront of the project, who despite the difficulties continue to fight with this project, setting goals, planning activities, organizing and maintaining good communication, creating objectives and making decisions, the project is created within the legal framework “popular and solidarity economy”.

Their six community leaders together with the sponsorship of Inspiring Ecuador create this opportunity and materialize it by showing this incredible project Sacha Warmikuna is an association of entrepreneur’s independent,  that will be passed on from legacy to legacy the art of weaving, making handmade scarves, Andean gastronomy with grandmother’s recipe, and producing their own food.

Inspiring Ecuador provides us with training and monitoring of tourism projects, especially since they are experts in the field. With great affection we receive their passengers who later become our passengers.

You can experience an unforgettable cultural encounter, immersing yourself in the true spirit of the South-American woman and their skills for textiles and a deep culinary knowledge coming from the past generations. You will be part of the preparation of “Aji”, a local spicy salsa which is part of their identity, you will also share precious time with them and a tasty traditional lunch in which local women have used the fresh products harvested the same day from the surrounding organic fields. You will learn more about the weaving process of textiles.

Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to have the chance to give back, by buying handmade scarfs here.

Why the PIJAL Project “Sacha Warmikuna”?

Because we are culture, we are biodiversity, we are strength, we have the desire to continue fighting for our dreams… We are Kayambis women.

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