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If you’re looking to explore the natural beauty of the Ecuadorian Amazon, surely you’ll want to know what amazing animals you’ll be able to see. The Amazon is certainly one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Being located in a privileged place, it has a great diversity of exotic species. 

Its environment highlights green and orange landscapes, with long rivers, lush vegetation and majestic trees. Rainforest is home to birds, monkeys, frogs, insects, jaguars, snakes and even the rare pink dolphins. 

Continue reading this guide and discover a little more about the amazing Ecuador Amazon wildlife. 


The Amazon opens doors to a world of adventure and exploration. Inside these humid jungles you will witness a diversity of animal life

 Check here a list with the most outstanding Ecuador Amazon wildlife.

1. Squirrel Monkeys

Squirrel monkeys, also known as clown monkeys or soldier monkeys, are small species, measuring 25 to 32 cm. One particularity of them is that their tail is not prehensile. In other words, they can’t use it to hold on to things. It is just used to keep their balance.

These cute and adorable monkeys live in dense and abundant vegetation ecosystems, making the tropical rainforest their perfect home. It is common to see them swinging on the branches of large trees, as if feeding on fruits. 

Squirrel monkeys are very active, during the day they are constantly on the move. Also, they are characterized for being one of the most intelligent monkey species, thanks to the size of their brains.

 Squirrel Monkeys
Squirrel Monkeys

2. Pink River Dolphins

The pink dolphin or “Boto” is an extraordinary specie. It is considered one of the few freshwater dolphins in the world. This pinkish-gray dolphin inhabits only the rivers of the Amazon and Orinoco basins in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Guyana, Bolivia and Brazil.

Amazon pink dolphins reach a length of up to 2.5 meters and a weight of 185 kilograms. One of its unique characteristics is its semi-blindness. 

Due to overfishing, pollution, river traffic and habitat loss. This unique specie has been classified as “Endangered”  by the IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Amazon pink dolphin
Amazon pink dolphin

3. Pygmy Marmoset

The adorable pygmy marmosets are considered the smallest primate species in Ecuador and one of the smallest in the world. Titis reach a height of up to 6 inches and weigh only 3.5 oz. 

These tiny animals live in the rainforest, their favorite activity is sucking the sap from the bark of trees. 

Pygmy Marmoset
Pygmy Marmoset

4. Jaguar

Jaguar, a dominant predator of tropical rainforest, ranks as the third largest feline in the world. This species is considered critically endangered, unfortunately there are currently about 2,000 jaguars left in Ecuador.  

The Jaguar’s bite is the strongest of all other felines and is capable of moving at speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour on land. They are also good climbers and swimmers, making it easier to catch their prey. 

Jaguars are also considered a symbol of respect by Amazon indigenous cultures because of their imposing presence. They are called the protectors of the jungle.


5. South American Tapirs

The South American Tapir is characterized by its gray color and long snout. It grows to about 6 feet long and weighs 550 pounds. They are noted for moving quickly, both on land and in water. They are excellent swimmers and divers. 

Unfortunately, the tapir is a vulnerable species, due to hunting and deforestation, being the jaguar its main predator.

South American Tapir
South American Tapir

6. Frogs

The Amazon rainforest is home to more than 1,000 frog species. On your visit to the Ecuadorian Amazon you are likely to encounter and see these amphibians. Although it is more common to find them at night. Caution should be taken and follow the recommendations of your guide, as some frogs are poisonous. 

Amazon frogs
Amazon frogs

7. Amazon birds 

The landscapes of the Ecuadorian Amazon are matched with the magnificent fluttering of colorful birds. In this tropical rainforest there are about 500 species. Among the most outstanding and easiest birds to observe are parrots, hummingbirds, toucans, hoatzins, herons, manakins, yellow-billed terns.

If you are lucky you can also spot the rarest birds, the scarlet macaw and the red-shouldered parrot. 

Hoatzins birds
Hoatzins birds

8. Insects 

The Amazon basin, due to its geographical location and climatic conditions, becomes the ideal place for thousands of insect species. So during your tour inside the rainforest you will constantly see ants, caterpillars, different species of spiders and even beetles. 

Venturing into the Ecuadorian Amazon is an experience like no other. Join one of our trips and witness the great Ecuadorian Amazon wildlife.

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