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Looking for a good coffee? Ecuador is one of the best destinations to taste high-quality coffee. Numerous experts praise the qualities of Ecuadorian coffee. 

Ecuador offers several places to experience coffee tours. You will meet the local producers, learn more about the coffee, the process and of course you will taste it in several versions. 

Ecuador is recognized for being one of the 15 countries that cultivate Arabica and Robusta beans. As a result, the country is one of the main coffee exporters. The principal coffee tours are in Mindo and Intag. 

Keep reading to learn more about Ecuadorian coffee tours and don’t miss the opportunity to taste the best coffee.


In the 1960’s coffee began to be produced in the coastal lowlands, specifically in the province of Manabi. During this coffee boom period, up to 2 million bags per year were exported from the port of Manta to the European market. 

Historically coffee was produced for mass consumption and export. Today there is a growing trend of small family coffee farms and organic plantations. Hence the famous coffee tours, to learn about its properties, elaboration and production. In this way the local communities and farmers in charge of the activity are recognized and encouraged in their development.


Mindo coffee tours 

Mindo is surely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Ecuador and well known for its coffee fields. Due to its location in the cloud forest, the climate is excellent and the land is ideal for cultivating coffee.

Mindo coffee and canopy tour

Experience the famous zip line, the extreme swing and tour through the coffee plantations. This walking tour is  through one hectare of coffee. You will be able to witness the stages of the growth of the coffee plant and its fruit, harvesting and processing. Afterwards, you will enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a cookie. 

If you go zip lining in Mindo, you can take the coffee tour after or before the canopy.

Mindo Coffee House & Chocolate tour

A family enterprise, during the tour they explain the coffee artisanal process. You will taste a delicious coffee dessert, a cup of coffee and a cup of beans. But also if you dare there are some other options that you can buy: chocolate desserts and tea with lemongrass honey, chocolate with ginger, chocolate with cocoa honey and fruit fondue.

El Quetzal Mindo Chocolate Tour

During this tour, you will learn about each step of coffee production in small batches, from the bean to the bar. And finally, tastings and chocolate pairings.

Café Lodge & Spa

Enjoy a tour to observe the organic coffee plantations. You will be shown the process, the roasting and the whole coffee process from seed to cup. You can taste different types of coffee.

On the way to the Mindo butterfly farm you can make a stop.

Finca Frajares Coffee Tour

Experience a tour through a large coffee farm, located in Nanegalito, one hour from Mindo. Here they will explain the coffee process, from seed to cup, walking through the plantation, interacting during the harvest, post-harvest and roasting process.

Intag Valley coffee tour

This adventure will take you to see the beautiful landscapes of the Intag Valley, as well as the diversity of flora and fauna. Due to its favorable climatic characteristics and land conditions, it is perfect for cultivation of coffee, fruits and other products. 

The Intag coffee tour starts with a visit to the organization AACRI (Association of Coffee Growers of the Intag River). During the tour you will see the variety of coffee farms, the modern process, and tasting coffee beverages.

Manta cacao & coffee tour 

Explore the fascinating history and varieties of cocoa and coffee on this tour. The interactive exhibition takes you through the entire process from tree to bar.

Contact us to organize an excursion so you can experience Ecuadorian coffee in different versions.

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