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If someone asks you about the highest mountain in the world, surely Everest or the other giants of the Himalayas will cross your mind, but you will be surprised to know that Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the world! Scientists claim that the summit of the Chimborazo volcano is the farthest point from the center of the Earth’s core, and the point on Earth closest to the sun. 

So the chance to visit and climb the majestic Chimborazo is one of the best experiences to live. 

Continue reading Chimborazo volcano guide, discover all its curiosities, where it is located and what you should know if you are going to climb it.


The huge Chimborazo volcano is located in the high Ecuadorian Andes, 235 km south of Quito, the capital. Located in the province of the same name and surrounded by the Chimborazo Fauna Production Reserve. A place cataloged as a protected area of Ecuador has an area of almost 60,000 hectares and is home to herds of wild vicuñas.  

The structure of Chimborazo has four peaks, from west to east: Veintemilla, Whymper, Politécnica and Nicolás Martínez. The highest peak is Whymper, named in honor of the British Edward Whymper, the first person to climb the summit.


Chimborazo volcano rises to an altitude of 6,310 meters. A huge volcano with 78 miles in circumference and 30 miles in diameter. Its last recorded eruption was in 550 AD.


As it is well known, Mount Everest rises to a height of 8,848 meters above sea level and Chimborazo to a height of 6,310 meters above sea level, why is this the highest mountain in the world? 

It’s all based on the way measurements are made. If measured in terms of elevation above sea level, then Everest is clearly the highest. However the elevation measured from the center of the earth, Chimborazo is the winner, surpassing Everest by 2.1 kilometers. Likewise, it is claimed that the peak of Chimborazo is the point on Earth closest to the sun.

All this is due to the location of Chimborazo in Ecuador. The equatorial line passes through Ecuador, a little north of the capital, Quito.

Therefore, Chimborazo is very close to the middle of the world. This causes the earth’s crust to have a bulge at the equator. Thus, the peak of Chimborazo receives a help that moves it away from the earth’s core. On the other hand, the Himalayas do not receive this advantage.

Thanks to this location, Ecuador has 4 of the 10 highest mountains in the world: Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe and Antisana.

Chimborazo volcano


Chimborazo is recognized for its excellent mountaineering conditions. It can be climbed all year round, but the best times are from June to July and from January to February. 

Interestingly, there are several climbing routes to choose from. Being accessible to people of various levels of skill and expertise. For the easier routes the best time is just before midnight. This way, you will have descended before 10 am.



Chimborazo has several routes for trekking, the most popular is to reach the Whymper refuge, starting from the parking lot at the bottom of the Carrel Refuge. 

Another route is known as Iceman Trek, this will take you off the tourist trails, following in the footsteps of Baltazar Uscha, the famous last iceman of Chimborazo.


Biking in Chimborazo is a great experience to admire wonderful landscapes. The most common route starts from the Carrel Refuge and descends by bicycle down the steep slopes. 

There are other alternative routes that include visits to ancient Inca ruins or local indigenous communities.


Chimborazo is a spectacular mountain to climb. Its ascent is not extremely complicated but it is necessary to have physical preparation and conditioning. It is advisable to climb lower altitude mountains, and then venture to climb the great Chimborazo.

Enjoy an experience in the heights, enjoying several activities in the majestic Chimborazo. Contact us and we will put up the perfect plan for you.

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