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Going on a luxury trip is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We invite you to visit one of the most biodiverse countries in the world while staying in the best luxury hotels in Ecuador.


Ecuador, the country of the 4 worlds. The Highlands, Pacific Coast, Amazon basin and Galapagos Islands, make the country a unique destination. Each region has different types of cultures, climate, flora, fauna, natural charms, wonderful tourist sites, excellent facilities and also the best luxury hotels in Ecuador. That makes you enchanted and without a doubt you will want to come back.


Get ready to enjoy the comfort and elegance of  the top 10 luxury hotels in Ecuador. So, here is a list for you to choose your best option!



If you want to disconnect and live a magical experience in the middle of a forest full of waterfalls and exotic animals. In short, this video shows you why Mashpi Lodge is your option. No doubt one of the best hotels in Ecuador and Latin America. Therefore, at the 2016 World Travel Awards, it won the award for best Leading Green Hotel in Ecuador.

  • Location.- Mashpi is located in the heart of the tropical forest, Choco region, northwest of Quito, capital of  Ecuador.
  • Characteristics.- The designed use the latest techniques in sustainable construction. As a result, the modernist design, decoration, warm tones and large windows, allow the visitor to observe the natural beauty. In other words, Mashpi is a true luxury refuge
  • Lodging.- Its 24 rooms are distributed over the three floors with panoramic windows for appreciate nature.


This deluxe boutique hotel will take you back to Colonial times. The first experience hotel in Ecuador. In the lines of empowering local community and also the concept of reconstructing the meaning of luxury travel. 

  • Location.- In the traditional San Marcos neighborhood in the Historical Center of Quito. 
  • Characteristics.- Its infrastructure is a combination of colonial, contemporary and modern design. Therefore, the hotel transmits all the values, talent and traditions of Quito’s culture. 
  • Lodging.- ILLA offers 10 comfortable rooms with excellent service and quality. 
ILLA Experience luxury hotel in Ecuador
ILLA Experience luxury hotel – Quito, Ecuador


This boutique hotel is one of the most elegantly designed and luxurious hotels in Quito. For instance, this video shows how staying at Casa Gangotena will make you feel like a royalty from a past era. It offers a warm welcome and personalized service. So, come and relax at one of the best hotels in Ecuador.

  • Location.- Located in the Historic Center of the capital. It’s a historical restored mansion overlooking Plaza San Francisco in the Old Town area.
  • Characteristics.- Its infrastructure is decorated with fine carpets, high windows and Art Deco style furniture. In conclusion, everything is in a tone of elegance and distinction offering the comfort of being in a home.
  • Lodging..- It offers 31 rooms distributed over the three floors of the building. Each one with double or king-size beds.
Casa Gangotena luxury boutique hotel in Ecuador
Casa Gangotena luxury boutique hotel – Quito, Ecuador


This time we moved to the city known as “Athens of Ecuador”, Cuenca. Entering this hotel is likewise enter in a traditional Cuenca mansion from the end of the 19th century. Once belonged to the president’s son. Here you will have a wonderful and unique experience.

  • Location.- Located in Cuenca. The third largest and important city of Ecuador
  • Characteristics.- Its classic architecture reminds us of the golden years of Ecuador’s republican life. Also, its lush gardens and an ornate courtyard makes you have a great experience.  
  • Lodging..- Its 19 rooms are decorated in the most refined style of elegance and distinction of the period. Also includes a careful selection of furniture, ornaments and art objects. 
Mansión Alcázar luxury boutique hotel in Ecuador
Mansión Alcázar luxury boutique hotel – Cuenca, Ecuador



Continuing in the line of the most luxurious hotels in the Coast region, we have Tanusas resort. In short, a luxury space set in the midst of a totally natural environment along with comfortable living spaces. Therefore, if you want to relax and enjoy wonderful scenery, accompanied by luxury and comfort. This is your best option. 

  • Location.- The resort is located in Boca de Cayo- Manabí. About two hours from Manta Airport. 
  • Characteristics.- Above all, its facilities are a combination of luxury, comfort but without losing the harmony and peace of its surroundings. Being located in front of the sea, visitors can observe the incredible view of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Lodging.- Tanusas offers comfortable rooms in the main house, as well as individual rooms and entire villas around the property.



Now it is the turn of the Amazon region. In this case Napo Wildlife Center is the best alternative for luxury ecological lodging in the Ecuador Amazon. This ecolodge is designed for nature lovers who want to experience the wildlife in all its splendor.

  • Location.- It is located in the unique ancestral territory of the Añangu community. Inside Yasuní National Park. 
  • Characteristics.- Napo Wildlife is an eco tourism project that works for the conservation of approximately 21,400 hectares of the Amazon rainforest. Therefore, it offers tourists luxurious lodgings in harmony with nature. 
  • Lodging.- The luxurious ecolodge offers visitors a capacity for 50 people, 12 spacious standard cabins and also 8 suites.
Napo Wildlife Center luxury hotel in Ecuador
Napo Wildlife Center – Yasuní National Park


Sacha lodge, another of the luxurious hotels in the Amazon. This is an excellent spot for bird lovers, with a stunning observation trail and also offering panoramic views of the magnificent Amazon forests.

  • Location.- Located deep in the Ecuador Amazon. It can be accessed from El Coca
  • Characteristics.- The lodge offers a natural environment full of harmony and peace, while visitors enjoy the luxurious facilities and comfort. In addition, it offers gourmet food and specialized guides. 
  • Lodging.- In its 26 rooms and 3 family cabins, the lodge offers total comfort. To clarify, all rooms include private bathrooms, large windows and all are protected against insects. 
Sacha luxury lodge in Ecuador
Sacha luxury lodge – Coca, Ecuador



The islands’ first luxury hotel. Pikaia in fact, was built on the edge of an extinct volcanic caldera in the forested hills of Santa Cruz. This affords visitors sensational views of the forests. For instance, in this video you can see the new luxury eco adventure concept.

  • Location.- Pikaia lodge is located in Santa Cruz Island.
  • Characteristics.- This building has a contemporary design with black volcanic rock and glass, and furniture that is inspired by evolution. That is to say, a lodge designed for the environmentally conscious. 
  • Lodging.- The lodge offers six beautiful rooms. Likewise, all of them have panoramic floor to ceiling windows with access to private shaded terraces.
Pikaia luxury lodge in Ecuador
Pikaia luxury lodge – Santa Cruz Island


Finch Bay Eco Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Galapagos Islands. The World Travel Awards 2015 awarded it as America’s Leading Green Hotel. 

  • Location.- Is located In Santa Cruz Island at Punta Estrada
  • Characteristics.- This eco lodge is the perfect combination of luxury and harmony. Above all, the stunning design and delicious meals made with fresh local ingredients make it a perfect place to stay.
  • Lodging.- Finch Bay offers its guests 6 ocean view suites and 21 premium rooms.
Finch Bay Eco Luxury Hotel in Ecuador
Finch Bay Eco luxury hotel- Santa Cruz Island

So, if you find the best option for you. Don’t wait any more, organize your trip and enjoy the excellent services offered by the best luxury hotels in Ecuador.

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