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Ecuador is a diverse country not just for its culture and nature, but also for its varied gastronomy. Each of its four regions has exquisite dishes. Sierra, Amazon, Coast, and the Galapagos Islands have different preparations and ingredients which make their meals a delight to the palate. 

So on your visit to the Galapagos Islands you can enjoy tasty dishes, desserts and cocktails. All while being fascinated by the landscapes of these volcanic islands. 

We invite you to know the best restaurants in the Galapagos Islands, especially focused on Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela islands. 


1. Almar restaurant  

Almar restaurant offers its customers a unique taste experience. Located in the Blu Galapagos Hotel in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz. 

In Almar is an experience lived next to the sound of the sea, along with a first class service that makes the restaurant a very special place.

2. Finch Bay Restaurant 

At Finch Bay Restaurant you will live an extraordinary culinary experience. You will enjoy delicious dishes while delighting in the soft sound of the ocean waves and the natural beauty of the island. 

Located in the Finch Bay Hotel, the restaurant is concentrated in perfect harmony with its surroundings, open to all who wish to experience the islands from a truly delightful angle.

3. Isla Grill 

Located at the Angermeyer Waterfront Inn, the restaurant has been open since 2010. Now the roads have taken it to the most beautiful and colorful place in Santa Cruz: Punta Estrada.

Isla Grill specializes in seafood, fish and meats, combining the flavors of the grill with a touch of Midori Pub.

4. Midori Sushi Pub 

Midori sushi pub as a sustainable eco-restaurant offers the best Galapagos fish in sushi and other top quality dishes. 

The restaurant has been open since 2014. It has a high quality staff and facilities that provide comfort and convenience to its customers. 

5. Bahia Mar Restaurant 

If you want to enjoy some delicious dishes while enjoying a spectacular view, Bahía Mar Restaurant is the ideal place. 

Located in Puerto Ayora, this Galapagos restaurant will blow your mind!


1. Muyu Galápagos

Muyu is one of the top restaurants in the Galapagos Islands. It is based on a concept of being a local farm restaurant, field and sea brought to the table.  Muyu is managed under sustainable parameters, using local and seasonal products. Seafood follows the conservation standards of the Galapagos National Park, which means that they don’t use protected species or illegal fishing.  

The name Muyu means “seed” in the Kichwa language, and the menu honors the local producers and the Galapagos citizens.

2. El Descanso Marinero 

El Descanso Marinero is an ecological restaurant specialized in seafood. It offers its customers an environment with an interesting decoration and a garden design that will certainly catch your attention.

3. Giuseppe’s Restaurant

If you aren’t a seafood lover, don’t worry, Giuseppe’s restaurant is the ideal place for you in the Galapagos Islands. An Italian-American restaurant located in San Cristobal Island offers you exquisite dishes.

4. Maui resto bar

Located in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal. Maui is a bar-restaurant that offers a wide variety of cocktails and dishes with a variety of meat, seafood, pasta and vegetarian options.  In a rustic atmosphere you can enjoy tasty food. 

5. Midori Sushi Pub 

Midori certainly ranks on the list of the best restaurants in the Galapagos Islands. With two locations in San Cristobal and Santa Cruz. The restaurant has been open since 2014 and offers the best artisanal Galapagos fish in sushi and other top quality dishes.


1. Endemic Turtle Resto Bar 

Endemic Turtle Resto bar is one of the best places to try delicious food on Isabela Island. A place characterized by a harmony between rustic and elegant, offering dishes with the freshest seafood from the Galapagos sea. 

2. Iguana Point Beach restaurant 

Iguana Point, located in Puerto Villamil, is a privileged restaurant with a wonderful oceanfront view. The service and dishes are of the highest quality. 

In addition Iguana Point is characterized by personalized dinners on the beach. 

3. El Cafetal Galapagos 

The best coffee on Isabela Island! A harmonious place that offers delicious local recipes, several options in the cafeteria, souvenirs with unique products and a free library. 

El Cafetal is located in the central plaza of Puerto Villamil. 

Now you know where to go to try delicious dishes at the best restaurants in the Galapagos Islands

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.

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