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Visiting the Galapagos Islands as a family is an adventure that will surely leave lasting memories. The archipelago offers a wide range of activities for both adults and children. 

The Galapagos Islands are an excellent destination for traveling with kids. With dazzling landscapes, white sand beaches and crystal clear water. As well as having the opportunity to get up close with the amazing giant tortoises, cute blue-footed boobies, playful sea lions, colorful fish and more. 

Continue reading this guide on visit the Galapagos Islands with kids and find out everything you need for a truly family adventure. 

Visit Galapagos Islands with kids
Galapagos Islands with kids


The Galapagos Islands offer many activities to enjoy with children. You will be able to walk along the beautiful beaches, while observing land and marine life, as well as seeing fluttering birds of the islands. 

The little ones will feel like they are in a natural zoo, where they will see animals everywhere. The famous Giant Tortoises strolling through the highlands of the archipelago, especially in Santa Cruz. 

In fact, one of the best activities for children is to visit the El Chato Reserve on Santa Cruz Island. Here they will be able to see turtles in their natural habitat, some walking, feeding and others sleeping. Adults and children can also take fun pictures with empty shells at the site. 

Tortoise shell

Children and adults can also enjoy hiking along well-established trails and observe Galapagos fauna and flora. One of the best excursion trails is to the Charles Darwin Research Center. Here youngsters will learn about conservation and sustainable development projects for the correct management of the Archipelago. 

On aquatic activities, one of the most beautiful places to go with the family is Las Grietas. It is considered as a natural pool. A spot of crystalline waters encased in a crevice between high volcanic walls, allow children to swim and snorkel without risk. 

Snorkeling is another exciting water activity you can do in Galapagos with children. You will enjoy sea lions, green turtles and even the unique Galapagos penguins

Las Grietas, Galapagos Islands
Las Grietas, Galapagos Islands


One of the main questions to ask when visiting the Galapagos Islands with kids is whether to take a land tour or go aboard a cruise ship.

Exploring Galapagos aboard a cruise ship is an excellent option to enjoy visiting a greater diversity of islands. You can also enjoy various recreational activities. However, after a few days aboard a ship, children may feel cooped up.

So keep this in mind, to also consider the option of a land tour. This experience allows you to enjoy several activities as a family. You will have free days to explore and get to know different places on your own.

Whichever of the two options you choose, you will definitely enjoy the best vacation of your life in this unique place in the world.


Any age is a good age to visit the Galapagos Islands, but it is advisable to travel with children over 5 years old. At this age they can get the most out of the visit and have the capacity to capture the landscapes, the animals, and the experiences.

Little girl with a Giant Tortoise
Little girl with a Giant Tortoise


Look But Don’t Touch!

Although, Galapagos animals don’t represent a danger, it is important to be careful. You should not touch them and especially not disturb them

During the breeding or mating season, the animals, especially the males, can become aggressive. So, let your children know about these precautions to avoid any problems.

Now you can be more confident to visit the Galapagos Islands with kids and enjoy all the activities that this paradise has to offer. Contact us and we will help you choose the best travel tour package.

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