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3 Reasons to Try a Beer Tour in Quito

If you are an outgoing person, you probably like to explore and find things to do with other people. We find grabbing a beer is not only tasting it but also getting to know the place, culture, and people drinking with you. I mean, what better way to learn how locals live than going out with them, seeing how they drink, and drinking alongside, right? There’s a reason Oktoberfest is so famous among young travelers in Europe.

And if you thought you could only taste beer options in Europe, you are wrong. South American drinking culture is quite rich, and we also like brewing, so…

Besides, Quito is Ecuador’s capital, and it makes sense nightlife here is among the most lively in the country. Why would you miss the chance to go out and see such a beautiful city nightlife?

So here is a little list of reasons to try a beer tour in our capital and why it is a great activity to try when traveling, even if it’s not here.

But first.

Why do people love beer?

Beer is one of the most famous drinks worldwide. And it is easy to see why: it is one of the most accessible drinks when traveling, except for some countries where you can struggle to find any alcohol at all. Excluding those exceptions, you can find a pint almost anywhere.

Besides, since it is not as strong as some liquors and doesn’t give you a hangover, it is preferred by people of all ages. Of course, this doesn’t mean we encourage you to drink until you are unconscious, but having a little drink won’t do you any harm. So, if you like to drink, we’ve got you.

Why should you try a beer tour

1.     Great for meeting people

Booze is among social lubricants, meaning when drinking, it can be easier to connect to other people. And, since people are less defensive when drinking, talking to you can be more relatable and comfortable to do.

Again, be safe when drinking, and don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger. If you drink too much, you might go from a social butterfly to… a brick.

2.     Beer comes in many colors and flavors

If you are a fan of artisanal beers, you know how the taste can change depending on the color. And, if you are lucky, you can find some beers with unique flavors and names. If you visit Ecuador, it is not uncommon to find beer that tastes like coffee, so if you like beer AND coffee, you are in good hands.

With a bit of extra work, you could even find other customized beverages in some bars. For example, I once found a bar with customized chicha (a traditional beverage), and I was not disappointed. It was a great time.

3.     Meet the culture of the area

If you visit the right places, you might get to know the city’s cultural scene, so you might learn other ways to amuse yourself. In Quito, you can get to know an emerging local band, different stuff to do, or new places alongside the friends you can make there.

Which places should you visit first?

Since you might be wondering where to go for a good beer in Quito, here is a quick list of places we recommend you visit if you visit the capital.

Viva Cerveza

If you want a cozy, closer-to-home vibe — a new comfort place for meeting new people, so to speak—then you should try Viva Cerveza.

You can find plenty of activities there, and some people go there for a cultural exchange, so you won’t feel out of place. 


Let’s assume you are the kind of person who likes to have options when drinking.

If so, you will want a place where you won’t lack options. And Cherusker Brewery is the perfect option for you. You can find them even outside Quito, with their unique artisanal beers on Baños and Guayaquil.


Some beer drinkers (myself included) like lively ambiance, some music for dancing, and… some actual dancing.

Sabai is the perfect spot for this kind of drinker. You can find customized beers and live music every now and then. You can even order some of their customized beers to go and enjoy them by yourself if somehow you find that more attractive, for… reasons.


Sometimes, you want a beer out of nowhere, and what better for those occasions than a brewery you can find a comfy bar nearby?

Sinners Brewery offers many ale options, and you can also find it around the city: in the northern part of Quito, the historic center, and La Floresta (one of the city’s cultural hotspots).


Now, if you want variety and options for things to do, your best call is Katari.

Here, you can enjoy events like live music shows or open mic nights so that you won’t miss any experience, and you will get great food and drinks in a cool-looking bar.

And that’s it. If, however, you would rather wait for the night to start drinking (which… respect), you can check our Day-tour experiences to do something until you feel like taking a sip. So… now you know where to go if you are looking for some fun on a night while in Quito, right? Now it’s time for you to try it.

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